Passing down a better world over the next century
The UACJ Group’s Sustainability Initiatives

The UACJ Group’s Sustainability Policy

  1. Contribute to sustainability through technologies and innovation
  2. Work together with all types of stakeholders
  3. Respect the individuality of diverse members
UACJ Group Sustainability

Six Key Social Materiality Issues

Response to climate change

Reasons for selecting materiality issues/Basic approach to materiality

To be able to demonstrate our distinctive character as an aluminum manufacturer, offer a high degree of social contribution, and have clear targets

  • Climate Change Countermeasures Promotion Committee

Human resources development

Diversity and equal opportunity

Reasons for selecting materiality issues/Basic approach to materiality

The development, retention, and diversity of employees are essential in order to grow into the future

Six Key Social Materiality Issues

* For the UACJ Group, the purpose of innovation is not only to create new technologies and products, but also to bring about new value and instigate changes in organizations and society by proactively applying original ideas and technologies.

  • United Nations Global Compact
  • ASI Standard compliance*1
  • Response to TCFD Recommendations*2
  • CDP compliance

Product quality and responsibility

Reasons for selecting materiality issues/Basic approach to materiality

This matter is the source of our competitiveness as a manufacturing company and directly related to the sustainability of both society and our Group

Respect for human rights

Occupational health and safety

Reasons for selecting materiality issues/Basic approach to materiality

As a manufacturing company and a company that conducts business globally, ensuring the safety of employees and consideration for human rights are the fundamental and top priority of business management

1 ASI: Aluminum Stewardship Initiative
An international initiative aimed at improving sustainability throughout the aluminum value chain. The ASI Standard, which aims to improve the ESG performance of the entire aluminum-related industry, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, stipulates raw material procurement that takes human rights into consideration, and users of can materials are required to acquire certification under the standard.

*2 TCFD: Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure

Under the TSE reform, companies wishing to be listed on the “Prime Market” (equivalent to the current TSE) after April 2022 will be required to disclose climate-related financial information.

UACJ Group Sustainability
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