“MS Drum” Uncut High-Precision Drawn Aluminum Pipe for Photoconductor Drums

Our unique technology achieves high dimensional accuracy suitable for photoconductor drum applications by using precision extrusion and cold-drawing processes to achieve a mirror surface.

Photosensitive drums are said to be the heart of laser printers and copiers. High-precision drawn aluminum pipes are the materials used in such drums. Through its own development, UACJ has succeeded in making mirror surfaces only by precision extrusion and cold-drawing processes, eliminating the need for conventional machining and mirror surface processing.

For laser printers and photocopiers
For laser printers and photocopiers


  1. Cold-drawing creates an excellent surface and reduce surface-machining processes.
  2. Achieves high dimensional precision (exterior and interior diameters, chatter pattern).
  3. Organic solvents are unnecessary, allowing environmentally friendly water washing and eliminating the need for oil during production.
  4. Automatic testers are used to test all products for dimensional accuracy and surface quality.
  5. Stable product quality is ensured through consistent manufacturing process management spanning casting, extrusion, drawing and testing.

Product Characteristics

Superb dimensional precision and coated optical surface characteristics

Tolerance on outside diameterApproximately 1/5 of JIS
Chatter pattern*135 μm or less
Surface roughness*2Ry ≦ 2 μm

*1 Measured at center, when tubes are supported at both ends and rotated *2 Maximum height

Manufacturing process

Comparison of conventional and new processes

Manufacturing process
Manufacturing process
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